Cemetery Rules and Regulations

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Cemetery Ordinances Rules and Regulations
Lakeview and Forest Hill Cemetery are owned and maintained by the City of Eau Claire for the benefit of all citizens. Definite rules, regulations and ordinances must be set up by the City Council of Eau Claire to insure proper maintenance and beauty and to prevent abuse and destruction. The following rules and regulations are set forth to govern Lakeview and Forest Hill Cemetery. The City reserves the right to amend or change any of these rules, regulations or ordinances to conform with newly developed cemetery practices. Fees will be indicated herein as a separate insert as they may change at any time by the City Council directive. For the present rates please contact us at 715-839-5039 or 715-839-5041.

2.84.010 Purpose
2.84.015 Definitions
2.84.020 Rules pamphlets adopted
2.84.030 Policy statement
2.84.040 Purchase of lots
2.84.050 Ownership rights of interment
2.84.060 Cemetery maintenance and care
2.84.070 Privileges and restrictions
2.84.080 Rules for visitors
2.84.090 Interments
2.84.100 Disinterments
2.84.110 Monuments and markers
2.84.120 Monumentation structures
2.84.130 Trees, shrubs and flowers
2.84.140 Baby section
2.84.160 Fees and charges
2.84.165 Special regulations pertaining to columbaria
2.84.200 Section created for veterans
2.84.210 Penalty
Miscellaneous and Special Rules